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All Belt Levels

Dive Right In

At Apex we pride ourselves on a family atmosphere. We have opportunities to have all belt levels train together. So, whether you are just starting your martial arts journey or practicing more advanced techniques, line up by rank and let's go!

Advanced Belts

Red Belts and Above

We provide the opportunity to focus training on more advanced techniques each day. Training with all belt levels is of great benefit to our lower ranked students since the higher ranked students have been there and are able to support their classmates and help them progress, but building on those early skills takes time and focus.  That's where taking a class to focus solely on advanced techniques keeps everyone growing


Real world application

Self-defense training is part of every belt level. It teaches students mental discipline and control as well as numerous practical applications for protecting themselves in everyday situations.  Sparring involves wearing protective gear, proper hitting and kicking techniques as well as teaching students how to improvise, think under pressure, and keep their emotions under control. When a student learns how to deal with a fast, powerful, determined opponent in the sparring ring, they are better prepared for unexpected situations outside of the ring.

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