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Monthly Belt Testing

The monthly belt test is scheduled the 3rd Saturday of each month. Testing groups are divided in to two sessions: white, yellow, orange, and green at 10 a.m.; purple and above at 11 a.m.  If a student is eligible to test, make sure to register by the Tuesday before the current month's belt test.

Fun and Games

APEX family members love to have fun together. Parties, kick ball games, movie nights, or good old fashioned game nights are all possibilities!  Keep an eye out for announcements on the whiteboard at the school for any of these happenings as well as reminders about special events.   

As Covid starts to rule our lives a little less, fun new things are starting to happen! February 18th, 2023 is a new adventure for our students. We're having an intra-school tournament! Stay tuned for scenes from event.

Black Belt News

Well, January 2022 came and went and a whole new class of testers joined the Black Belt ranks or were promoted to the next dan! Congratulations to the Black Belt class of 2022. May 2023 is our next testing class and we're looking forward to even more promotions!. 

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