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Michelle Bowman

Michelle Bowman a.k.a. "Michelle" is a native of Worthington, Ohio and is the runt of five willful children. She graduated from Worthington Kilbourne High School in 2004 and earned her Associates Degree in Anthropology from CSCC in 2006.  Michelle received a martial arts scholarship to the Ohio State University in 2006 and earned a Bachelors in History with a focus in warfare in antiquity in 2009. She is also an internationally sold artist* and published author**.


Michelle's first experience with martial arts was as her older brother's kicking bag when he joined the after school martial arts program  eventually run by Master Piteo himself.  In 2000, roles reversed when she began taking classes. Michelle earned her first black belt in 2002. She currently holds the rank of 5th degree in Tae Kwon Do and 2nd degree in Hapkido, surpassing her brothers who never progressed beyond an intermediate rank.  She enjoys reminding them of this from time to time.

Michelle is the proud dog parent of two fur covered demons. When not causing boards to break themselves out of fear, she enjoys many creative pursuits such as playing with sharp objects and pulling nails from boards with her bare hands!

*Once did a commissioned drawing for a man in Canada. **Published a compilation of children's writing in which her name was spelled incorrectly, so, you cannot look it up!

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